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Liz Rodgers is the Vice President of Sustainable Product at NIKE, Inc. She is at the forefront of driving and integrating sustainability at scale, empowering teams to reimagine the product creation process end-to-end by using less, selecting better and making products that serve athletes and the planet. From introducing a recycled polyester race singlet at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics to diverting more than a billion plastic bottles from landfills and waterways annually, sustainable product innovations have created new platforms that power Nike’s Move to Zero vision.  

Liz has more than two decades of diverse Nike experience that includes leading the global transition of the Umbro business, managing the design team’s digital transformation, and resetting consumer concepts globally. In her current role, Liz oversaw the creation of Nike’s Circular Design Guide, launched at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit as part of the company’s 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment. 


She is presently focused on the 10% reduction of waste per unit in manufacturing, distribution, headquarters, and packaging through improved design and operational efficiency as part of Nike’s 2025 Targets. In addition, Liz is leading an end-to-end sustainable packaging strategy that is reducing waste through new innovative packaging solutions and consumer experiences. This includes scaling Nike’s ability to ship footwear in a single box and eliminating single-use plastic in B2B and B2C packaging by 2030 in accordance with The Fashion Pact. 

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