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Livia Firth is co-founder and creative director of globally renowned Eco-Age, the leading consulting and creative agency specialised in integrated sustainability, and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). She is renowned for creating compelling frameworks and campaigns for environmental and social justice with global reach. A founding member of Annie Lennox’s ‘The Circle’, a powerful women’s advocacy group, she recently presented the findings of The Circle’s Living Wage report to the EU Commission. Livia is a UN Leader of Change and has also been recognised with the UN Fashion 4 Development Award and the Rainforest Alliance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability. She is a powerful communicator on progressive change; her keynote addresses include to the World Economic Forum. With Eco-Age, Livia also produced the award winning documentary The True Cost, directed by Andrew Morgan and the mini-series Fashionscapes now available on Amazon Prime. Livia also co-wrote and produced The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020, the first event in the world to be filmed using augmented reality, hologram technology and special effects. The film is now available on Sky and YouTube’s Fashion Channel.

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