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Dr. Erin Meyer has nearly 20 years of experience in conservation science, practice, and policy who has weathered many storms in the pursuit of knowledge, partnerships, and lasting results. She recognizes the immense value of bringing science, technology, entrepreneurial spirit and diverse media to bear when working to find solutions to complex problems. She is a skilled leader who has led large, collaborative teams across a variety of disciplines, bringing together Indigenous peoples, fishers, farmers, scientists, NGOs and government agencies in pursuit of healthy, productive ecosystems. As the Director of Conservation Programs and Partnerships at the Seattle Aquarium, Erin oversees a diverse portfolio of research, field conservation, policy and advocacy projects in the U.S. and Coral Triangle, including the aquarium’s microplastics research and monitoring project, plastics pollution prevention policy initiatives.  A passionate educator and mentor, Erin earned her Ph.D. in marine conservation from the University of California Berkeley. Erin chairs the Stegostoma Augmentation and Recovery (StAR) Project Steering Committee and serves on the Aquarium Conservation Partnership Executive Committee, Salish Sea Institute Advisory Board, The Wave Steering Committee, and the Stakeholder Advisory Panel for an Oregon microplastics research project. As a Seattle native, Erin grew up fishing on Puget Sound, hiking in the North Cascades, and swimming in any body of water she could.

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