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Ellie Moss has fifteen years of experience working with companies, investors, foundations, and non-profits to design and implement strategies that achieve their financial, social and environmental goals. Ellie has particular expertise in the circular economy, with a focus on addressing plastic waste. Building on her experience at The Boston Consulting Group and Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, Ellie now works as a Senior Advisor to Encourage Capital providing strategic advisory services. Ellie was the lead author of “Sea of Opportunity: Supply Chain Investment Opportunities to Address Marine Plastic Pollution” for Vulcan, “Can I Recycle This? A Global Mapping and Assessment of Standards, Labels, and Claims on Plastic Packaging” for the One Planet Network, and “The Dirty Truth About Disposable Foodware: The Mismatched Costs and Benefits of Foodservice Disposables and What to Do About Them” for The Overbrook Foundation, and was an expert advisor on “Breaking the Plastic Wave: A Comprehensive Assessment of Pathways Towards Stopping Ocean Plastic Pollution” published by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Ellie has an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a dual BA in Economics and Public Policy from Brown University.

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